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Our sports courses support your schools extended community program and assist
parents with child care provision. In addition, they provide a safe environment for
children to learn new skills, increase their confidence and level of physical activity.


Super Sport Weekend  clubs are an extended version of the school and nursery ones but run for longer and help to bring PE to more children in the local community. Come along and try one of our sessions for free anytime.


Super Players doesn’t just do sport sessions! If you have a birthday party or any other event coming up soon, have a Super Fantastic Sports Party come over and show you how to party sports style!

What our users say

“ Our little Lucian has come on leaps and bounds from the sessions, his confidence and socialising with others has improved amazingly!“


Katie, West Dulwich

“The children look forward to Super Players visits and are always excited to find out what they will be doing.
I love the variety of sports: badminton, rugby, basketball, hockey as well as football.

Helen, Manager, Wandsworth

“Great fun, energetic and a wonderful way to learn new skills! Every week a new and exciting sport. The games and activities link well to the early year’s foundation stage: Personal social emotional and physical development. The children always look forward to the days Super Players comes to play sport. The sessions are always age appropriate and fun, helping children to support each other. Our Children especially like the games they play against the practitioners”.

Vicky, Manager, Rubadubs, Forest Hill